If you request an order to be left out for pickup, we can not be held responsible for loss or damage to your order. We offer this as a convince to our customers, and we have recently implemented new measures to try to further protect your purchase. We generally don't have problems with leaving them out, but before the lockbox was installed, we did have a couple of orders go missing that weren't returned. 

We implemented a new lockbox system on 5/9 to help keep everything secure, so please make sure you know how to access after-hours pick up during our regular business hours. We aren't always available to assist after business hours.

As our vinyl return policy states: once the material leaves the store, we cannot accept exchanges or returns on vinyl. Therefore, once you ask for an order containing vinyl to be left out, even if you do not pick it up, it cannot be returned/refunded/exchanged. We have to be able to guarantee our material, and we cannot be expected to absorb the loss from your request. 

Thank you for understanding, we love you guys.