Vinyl Remover Spray

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Stain-B-Gone Spot & Heat Transfer Vinyl Remover.

An absolute "must use" product for manufacturers, dealers, as well as delivery personnel who need to quickly remove grease. Also, works great in the spot cleaning of garments, carpets, drapes, etc.

  • Easyweed - Removes vinyl, but leaves adhesive residue. After vinyl is removed, re-spray on top of the adhesive residue to scrape off.
  • Easyweed Extra - Practically falls off
  • Easyweed Stretch - Does not remove at first. After spraying (before it dries), stretch the area, and attempt to remove.
  • Cadflex Sport - Removes entirely
  • HT Sticky - Removes entirely
  • Glitter - Removes entirely
  • ThermoFlex Plus - Removes entirely